Trezeta Top Evo (2012)

Trezeta’s Top Evo is very well-priced for a 3-4 season boot, but it also provides a great set of features to ensure it can deliver the performance needed on mountain terrain all year round. So you get a full leather upper with a waterproof lining, and this is protected by a rubber rand that extends all the way around the boot for maximum durability on rock and scree. For added comfort when your feet start to overheat you get Trezeta’s natural ventilation system, which allows air to escape through a grille in the ankle cuff. The Trezeta Top Evo’s ankle cuff is higher than some boots’ and as the upper is quite stiff this combination is very protective and supportive of the foot, which is ideal for rockier ground, scree and for kicking the edges of the boot into snow. The outsole is very aggressive with well-spaced 6mm deep lugs to keep a grip on a variety of terrain including snow. This boot does not have the close and precise fit of some higher-priced options and it is a little heavier than some too, which makes it feel a little ‘clumpy’. It’s also only available in a men’s version.

Upper materials nubuck leather
Waterproof lining Outdry
Sole unit Vibram Tsavo
Women’s sizes none
Men’s sizes 3-13
Weight 2164g (size 11)


The verdict
The Trezeta Top Evo is a well-priced men’s boot that offers good general performance in a variety of conditions, but if you pay more there are benefits to be had in terms of weight, comfort and performance. It won our ‘Best Value’ award.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2012

Trezeta Cyclone (2012)

The Cyclone is in many ways typical of Trezeta, being a sound, robust design at a good price. Externally, the boot is modern and stylish, thanks to the fabric and suede leather upper, which has a waterproof lining inside to prevent all those seams from allowing water into the boot. There is also a venting system around the ankle cuff to allow sweat to escape more easily. The upper is quite stiff – surprisingly so for the price, as many boots are far softer than this – and that stiffness makes this boot more supportive and protective on rocky ground. In particular the toe box is solid and the heel cup is very supportive. Underfoot there is a Vibram sole unit with a good set of deep lugs and a small heel breast to keep a grip on muddy descents. This sole unit is also quite stiff, which again makes the Trezeta Cyclone a better boot than most in its price range for handling rockier ground and scrambles. The only downside is that it is not quite as comfortable as the leather boots here or some softer fabric boots; but what you lose in terms of instant comfort you gain in performance and price.

Upper materials fabric and suede leather
Waterproof lining Waterstopper
Sole unit Vibram Nuasi
Weight 1416g (pair size 11)
Men’s sizes 6-12.5
Women’s sizes none


The Trezeta Cyclone is a well-priced and supportive boot that is not the most comfortable option in our test, but it offers better performance than most on the hill. It won Trail’s ‘Best Value’ award.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2012

Trezeta Borneo (2012)

New for this spring, the Borneo is a tough little cookie, although it pays for this by being heavy. The fit is fairly neutral but it grips the foot well enough and also laces up pretty securely. The suede/mesh upper takes the knocks without any problem and the WS WaterStopper liner certainly kept the water out during our test. It has a pretty stiff midsole, perfect for rougher going or long days; and a pretty tough heel counter and toe box – a definite bonus in the mountains. The outsole gripped extremely well on rock and drier trails, without slacking too much on mud and soft ground; and there’s plenty of shock absorption too.

Sizes: 6-12½
Upper: Suede/polyester/WS WaterStopper membrane
Sole: Vibram Weight: 950g
Women’s version: Yes (Amelie)
Contact: 01768 372473;


Review from Country Walking magazine, June 2012

Trezeta Juliette Mid WS (2012)

These are the lightest boots in the test at only 470g per foot. The fit is snug for the size – it will especially suit women with narrow feet – and the lacing system easily spreads tension across the foot. The ankle cuff is fairly low, so doesn’t offer much support, and it’s also cut at an odd angle that feels a bit strange and uncomfortable. Trezeta’s Natural Ventilation System works fairly well, allowing your feet a degree of breathability. The tongue is well-sealed to stop water leaking in, and the fabric and leather uppers are waterproof enough. There’s no rand so the toes scuff easily, but the reinforced toe box will prevent any real damage. They’ve got a lightweight Vibram sole, with an aggressive tread pattern that grips superbly on rock and hard ground. It works well, providing decent shock absorption and a nice compromise between stiffness and flexibility that feels good on most types of low to mid-level terrain.

Sizes: 3-8½

Upper: Nubuck leather

Lining: Waterstopper 

Sole: Vibram ChesireCat

Weight: 940g

Men’s version: No

Contact: 01768 372473;

*Published in Country Walking magazine, April 2012

Trezeta Top Evo 2011

Over recent years Trezeta has produced a great range of excellent-value boots, and the Top Evo follows this trend. The price is remarkably good considering what you are getting. This is a boot with a full leather upper, a waterproof lining and a full rubber rand. There’s also a natural ventilation system that allows air to escape through a grille in the ankle cuff. The upper is nice and supportive too, thanks in part to a slightly higher ankle cuff than some, making this ideal for really rough mountain scree as well as kicking the edges of the boot into snow in winter. Underfoot there is a good, aggressive Vibram sole unit with well-spaced lugs for keeping a grip on a variety of terrain. The fit of the boot is not as close as others though and it is heavy compared to similar boots, which all adds up to it feeling a little more ‘clumpy’ than a higher-priced equivalent. But the Trezeta Top Evo is a boot that’s built to last and so it offers excellent value as well as a performance level that is still probably more than enough for most walkers. It’s only available in a men’s version, though.

Upper materials full-grain leather
Waterproof lining Outdry
Sole unit Vibram
Women’s sizes none
Men’s sizes 3-13
Weight 2200g (pair, size 11)
Website www.trezeta

The Trezeta Top Evo is a low-priced boot with a high-priced performance, but the fit, comfort and weight of higher-priced boots is even better.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2011

Trezeta Juliette 2011

I’m just going to say it straight off: a boot called Juliette?! I mean, would you call a man’s boot Romeo (there isn’t a men’s version called this just in case you wondered)? Ultra-feminine names aside, the Trezeta Juliette is a good lightweight boot, the lightest in this test and it still manages to pack in a set of aggressive lugs (I use the term ‘aggressive’ hesitantly as some are heart-shaped – seriously, guys?) that are widely spaced and a decent heel breast for increased grip. The sole strikes a balance between flexibility and rigidity, has a adequate amount of cushioning and offers some protection from the reinforced toe box. It was narrowly pipped to the post by Brasher – despite the ridiculous name – but the ankle cuff is cut at an odd angle that sits strangely, making it a tad uncomfy. Natural ventilation and a waterproof liner keeps the Trezeta Juliette breathable and the upper is made from leather, which should be durable, but the amount of stitching and other fabric that has been incorporated into it may affect its long-term durability and value for money.

Weight 930g (pair, size 6)
Upper materials nubuck leather
Waterproof lining Waterstopper membrane
Sole unit Vibram CheshireCat
Women’s sizes 3-8.5
Men’s sizes none


If you can overlook the silly name and heart-shaped lugs the Trezeta Juliette is a good lightweight option, though the strange cut of the ankle cuff may not be for everyone.

Review by Phoebe Smith
First published in Trail magazine December 2011

Trezeta Helvellyn

Named after England’s third highest mountain, and they’re probably ideally suited to climbing its well-trodden rocky paths. The minimally stitched full-grain leather upper reduces the chances of them springing a leak. One notable exception to that is on the tongue bellows, where fabric has been used, probably to keep the price down. The use of speedlace hooks makes it much easier to slip them on and get a precise fit. Grip-wise, they are fine, and although they sit quite low down, without too much of a heel, the tread pattern does generate plenty of friction when descending. The low-lying design does allow for good ground feedback too.


Sizes: 3-13
Upper: 1.8mm full-grain leather
Membrane: Waterstopper
Sole: Vibram Ananasi
Weight: 1,424g
Women’s version: Unisex
Contact: 017683 72473;
*Review from Country Walking magazine, October 2011

Trezetta Chinook Low

These are fairly heavy shoes that are only available in a unisex fit. However, the fit feels nice and secure and they’re pretty comfortable from the box, although watch out for the high ankle cuff, which may dig in a little at first. They’ve got a stiff midsole that will provide support on uneven terrain, and a Vibram sole that provides excellent shock absorption on hard ground, especially at the heel. The sole grips very well on rock, too. Mixed mesh and suede uppers will enable your feet to breathe, although they have a tendency to feel quite hot in warm weather, so watch out if you suffer from sweaty feet. There’s a waterproof lining to keep your feet dry, and a decent rubber bumper to protect from knocks and improve durability.

Materials: Suede/textile, waterproofed
Sole: Vibram Full Ventilation
Weight: 900g
Men’s version: Unisex
Contact: 017683 72473;
• Review from Country Walking magazine, June ’11

Trezeta Maya II NV

A big last should make these a good bet for walkers with wider feet. With so much room in the mid-section, it can be difficult to get a close fit, and even with the laces tied tightly, there was still plenty of room around the foot – a possible bonus for those with foot problems, but a potential problem for protecting toes on descents. They’re more suited to lower level walking on even tracks and paths, and the soft upper makes them immediately comfortable, boosted by plenty of padding, but they don’t offer great amounts of support when the terrain gets a bit tougher. The grip is okay, and they managed to clamber up some particularly muddy slopes without too much bother.

: 6-13
Upper: Suede/fabric
Waterproof/breathable lining: Waterstopper
Sole: Vibram Soul Rubber
Weight: 1,620g
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 017683 72473;

Trezeta Maya 2 NV 2011

The Trezeta Maya 2 NV weighs 1480g (pair, size 11); suede leather and synthetic textile upper; waterproof lining; good stiff toe box with external layer for durability; Vibram outsole; good cushioning. But outsole lugs are relatively shallow so may clog easier than some; an upper with less stitching may be more durable; slightly bendier sole than some others, so not the best for rockier ground.

The Trezeta Maya 2 NV is a good boot for valley and easier fell terrain at an excellent price.

First published in Trail magazine May 2011

Trezeta Helvellyn 2010

Trezeta has brought an excellent range of low-priced boots to the British market over recent years, and the Helvellyn is particularly well-suited to heading to the Lake District fells, as its name suggests. In addition to the leather upper it also benefits from an eVent waterproof lining for additional weather protection plus a stiff sole that make rocky paths more comfortable underfoot and adds a little extra stability.

The Trezeta Helvellyn has a full leather upper with minimal stitching so it should resist the abrasion of rocks well over the years. The upper and heel cup feels reasonably supportive and it’s certainly better than some here. Although the Helvellyn has a lower ankle cuff than some other boots this cuff is also stiffer than some, so it can actually provide more support than the higher cuffs that are softer. The waterproof lining inside the boot is made from eVent, which is a well-proven material with excellent levels of breathability. The sole is a good aggressive Vibram unit with well-spaced lugs that manage to shed mud, rather than getting clogged up.
On the hill
The Trezeta Helvellyn is an unusual boot that you’ll either love or hate. The ankle cuff suggests this is a boot for easier terrain as its low height means mud and grime can more easily enter the boot and also your ankle has less protection. But then there is a stiff sole unit and reasonably stiff upper that allows this boot to cope pretty well on rocky terrain. In the Lake District this boot is ideal for walking on the rocky paths that lead up most of the fells. But as soon as you step off the paths the lower ankle cuff is less appealing and on moorland walks it is again a drawback. But if you like boots with lower ankle cuffs then the Trezeta Helvellyn is a great choice, of course. These are the heaviest boots we looked at, which is surprisingly – but we are only talking about 100g per size 11 pair so it is not really worth worrying about – just empty your change from your wallet to compensate! I’d like to see a slightly stiffer toe box for rocky terrain and a little more of a heel breast on the sole for better downhill braking. But this is a good boot for the fells if you like the idea of that lower ankle cuff.

Upper full-grain 1.8mm leather, eVent waterproof lining
Sole Vibram Ananasi
Sizes 3-13
Weight 1624g (pair, size 11)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 100
Stockist details tel. (01625) 505927;


The Trezeta Helvellyn has a reasonably stiff leather upper with minimal stitching; eVent waterproof lining; aggressive outsole lug pattern with widely spaced lugs to prevent mud being trapped; good low-level ride to ground improves stability. Bit it’s relatively heavy; very low ankle cuff allows grime into the top more easily than others; very soft toe box; lack of pronounced heel breast limits downhill braking.
In all, it’s a surprisingly heavy boot that is good for rocky paths thanks to the stiff sole unit, but the soft toe box and low ankle won’t suit everyone.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2010

Trezeta Lakota Low

One of the heavier shoes on the market, but this reflects its excellent build quality, which includes a high leather content in the upper, a very stiff midsole and an effective Vibram outsole that coped well with most surfaces. The fit is less forgiving than some, and they took a few easy wears before they really felt comfortable, but once they got there, they were a delight to put on. Good reinforcement at the toe and heel aided performance higher up the mountain.

: UK 3-13
Upper: Nubuck/mesh
Waterproof lining:Yes
Weight (pair): 1,100g
Women’s version: Unisex
Contact: 01625 505927;

Trezeta Chinook 2010

The Trezeta Chinook has a waterproof lining; mesh improves breathability; very stiff sole for rocky ground; fairly stiff heel for foot support; protective toe box; decent Vibram lug pattern for mud; venting at heel improves breathability. But 1152g (pair, size 11) is heavy; feels a little clumsy compared to other lighter and more flexible shoes.

The Trezeta Chinook is reasonable for walking, but others are a little more comfy and less ‘clumpy’.

First published in Trail magazine May 2010

Trezeta Cuxco

This is a chunky, wide-fitting boot. The heel cup isn’t as supportive as some, but there’s enough padding for comfort and plenty of mesh in the uppers for decent breathability. Out in the hills they performed well, with enough stiffness in the midsole for support on rough terrain, and a fairly high ankle cuff. They’ve got a chunky Vibram sole which gives great shock absorption on hard ground, but grips better on rock than in mud.


Sizes: UK 3-9 Upper: Suede/leather/fabric Sole: Vibram Waterproof/breathable lining: Waterstopper membrane Weight/pair: 1,200g Contact: 01625 505927; 

Trezeta Top Evo 2010

The timing could not have been better. With the snow melting from the valley, while the summits remained plastered in snow and ice, the Top Evo arrived on my doorstep. This new model from Italian brand Trezeta is a 3-4 season, or B1-rated, boot – which means it is flexible enough to be comfortable below the snow, but stiff enough to make walking on snow and ice easier and safer. But the question I wanted answered was: could Trezeta come up with the goods? Could they make a boot that competed with the best in the market?
Trezeta’s key models occupy the keenly fought £75 to £100 territory in the outdoor footwear sector. These models are suited to tackling substantial routes in most conditions, but the Top Evo is a far more serious piece of kit that is aimed squarely at those in search of the best boots money can buy. It is designed for the committed walker who wants performance above and below the snowline, and is not shy of spending a few quid to get what they are looking for.
With its leather upper, high rubber rand and aggressive sole pattern, there is no denying that this is made to tackle challenging mountain terrain. There’s barely a stitch on the upper, which should mean the boot won’t fall to bits with hard use. There is plenty of padding around the tongue and ankle, so comfort should be good. But most importantly there is a real performance edge to the stiffness of the Top Evo. This is a boot designed for use with crampons and for holding a good edge in the snow. It could be the perfect boot for mixed snow, ice, slush and rubble of a spring day out high on the mountains of the Lake District.
I took the Trezeta Top Evo out on a variety of terrain, from grass and bog to rock and ice. It felt comfy straight from the box, with a spacious, high-volume fit that reminded me of the German brands such as Lowa and Meindl. It was comfortable on the level tarmac walk-ins, but what I really appreciated was the level of performance and support the Top Evo provided while scrambling up Cam Crag Ridge on Glaramara. It provided confident grip in snow too. Better still, the waterproof lining coupled with a virtually stitch-free upper that is unlikely to leak meant my feet stayed dry.
There’s also the Dry On Move technology, which is designed to allow warm, sweaty air from inside the boot to escape from vents in the ankle cuff. It is hard to know if that actually works, but the boot felt comfy, so perhaps it does.
But the Trezeta Top Evo is heavy at 2210g (pair, size 11): these days you can get boots that weigh in at around 1790g to 2160g with similar performance, which puts it at the upper end of the scales. In terms of price, although it is the highest in the Trezeta range, it is lower than some of its lighter competition. So if price is more important to you than weight, then this boot is an excellent choice if you need a boot for mixed conditions before the snow melts.
I’m certainly happy to keep using this boot for many years to come as it is well-designed for the typically unpredictable conditions encountered in the Lakeland fells at this time of the year.

Price £170
Upper 2.4-2.6mm nubuck leather with Outdry waterproof lining and Dry On Move moisture control
Sole Vibram Tsavo with 6mm lugs and EVA cushioning
Crampon compatibility B1
Sizes 3-13
Weight 2210g (pair, size 11)
Made in Romania
Stockist details – tel. (01625) 505927;


The Trezeta Top Evo Top Evo is waterproof; high rubber rand; durable leather upper; good sole stiffness for winter use; lower price than some similar boots. However it’s
heavier than some similar competitors; not available in a women’s fit. Overall it’s a
superb, relatively low-priced crampon-compatible winter boot that is ideal if weight is not your priority and you want a great boot for walking below and above the snowline.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine Spring 2010