Regatta Frontier Mid (2015)


The Regatta Frontier Mid is very lightweight at 1218g (pair, size 11) but you still get some good features. The upper is a mix of synthetic and suede leather, with an Isotex waterproof and breathable lining. The ankle cuff is slightly higher than most low-priced boots, which is great. There is also good stiffness in the toe, heel and sole unit. The lugs on the outside are well-spaced and deep. 4/5


This boot comes in men’s sizes 6-12 and women’s sizes o3-8 and it fits quite closely, although it is not quite as glove-like and as precise as higher-priced options. But there is good space in the toes, and the tongue and ankle cuff fasten neatly around the foot. Very good at this price. 4/5


The Regatta Frontier Mid is a lightweight boot that is also quite soft between the laces and toe box, but in other areas it has good stiffness. The ankle cuff felt a little too firm compared to higher-priced boots that had softer padding, but generally this is pretty good. The sole is not as a stiff as higher-priced boots so on really rocky ground your feet do tire a little more in these. 3/5

In use

The outsole lugs are deep and well-spaced so grip on softer ground is good. The sole is also quite stiff, so this is not bad on rockier ground either, although higher-priced boots with even stiffer soles are better. The fit is not quite as close as the best boots, so the Regatta Frontier Mid is less precise on rockier ground and durability may not be ideal compared to one-piece leather designs. 3/5


The Regatta Frontier Mid is remarkable value for £85, as while some pricier boots are better, this is far better than many boots at this price or higher. 5/5


If you can’t pay more than £85 the Regatta Frontier Mid is a superb option that can be used successfully on a variety of terrain. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015


Regatta Lady Ultra-Max Low X-LT (2013)

Brand new, lightweight and breathable walking shoes that feel comfortable from the first wear. They’re fairly soft shoes and aren’t particularly supportive, making them best-suited to low-level trails and casual walking. There’s plenty of space at the toes for women with broader feet, and the heel cup is stable and comfortable so will hold your heels in place well with the laces cinched down tight. The mesh uppers breathe well, and there’s an Isotex waterproof bootie lining to keep out water. They’ve got a carbon rubber outsole with multi-directional cleats that grip well on hard ground, and shock absorption is good too. Rubber toe and heel bumpers keep them looking good and protect your feet from knocks.


Sizes: 3-8, 36-42
Upper: Nylon mesh
Sole: Regatta X-LT carbon rubber
Waterproof/breathable lining: Isotex
Weight: 600g
Men’s version: Yes
Contact: 0843 309 0199;

Regatta Kinetic (2012)

With no waterproof liner and a soft, flexible sole unit, the Kinetic is a very light shoe. It’s more a trail-running shoe than a dedicated walking shoe, but this doesn’t mean it won’t do a good job of both, depending on conditions. It obviously lets water in immediately, which isn’t good if you’re squeamish about wet feet; but it drains just as quickly and dries quickly if given the chance. The upside is that it breathes really well – great for those with hot, sweaty feet; and it also feels incredibly light, making it easy to move fast and light as long as your ankles and balance are up to it. Great price but then there’s no waterproof liner to pay for.

Sizes: 7-12
Upper: Aero mesh with water-resistant coating (no waterproof liner)
Sole: Vibram
Weight: 760g
Women’s version: No
Contact: 0843 309 0199;


Review from Country Walking magazine, June 2012

Regatta Alpha Pro VXT 2011

Regatta’s new boot for 2011 – the Alpha Pro VXT – marks the first time the brand has used Vibram soles – and they’ve certainly chosen to shout about it with bright yellow panels splashed throughout the rubber. Colour aside, the lugs are suitably deep and widely spaced to give good grip on muddy ground, though the heel breast is minimal – a more pronounced one would help on steep descents. The sole is very bendy, the bendiest of all boots on test, which means you’ll feel every stone underfoot on rockier ground. It’s not necessarily an issue for all walkers, but as they are also the heaviest pair here your feet will potentially get very tired on long mountain days. A rubber rand covers the toe and heel for added durability, but the toe box is soft, giving only limited protection from loose rocks. When first tried on, these felt instantly comfortable – but the high ankle cuff started to feel a bit restrictive after walking for a few hours. Designwise there’s a lot of stitching on the upper, which could affect its durability, but the Regatta Alpha Pro VXT does win plus points for including a waterproof lining to help keep your feet dry.

Weight 1149g (pair, size 39)
Upper materials Endurance Mesh and satin PU
Waterproof lining Isotex XPT
Sole unit dual density Vibram
Women’s sizes 36-42
Men’s sizes 41-47

A decent lug pattern gives good grip on muddy ground and a waterproof lining keeps your feet dry, but the Regatta Alpha Pro VXT’s heavy weight and a very bendy sole may be a turn-off.

Review by Phoebe Smith
First published in Trail magazine December 2011

Regatta Ghyllbeck

Okay for most general walking. They’re never going to set the world alight, but if you’re planning on mostly walking at lower levels then they will be fine. The midsole offers enough flex for them to be comfortable on harder ground, but will lead to fatigue if walking on rough ground for long periods. There is quite a bit of space all round inside the shoe with quite a wide heel fit. There is quite a bit of padding in and around the ankle section, but that soon packs down after a few miles – be aware of this when trying on instore. Grip is fair enough for general walking, with a low ride height helping with ground feedback. However, when things get a bit slippery, the rather shallow lugs of the outsole can be found wanting a little.


Sizes: 7-12
Upper: Oiled action leather
Membrane: Regatta Isotex
Sole: Regatta carbon rubber
Weight: 1,448g
Women’s version: Yes
Contact: 01617491200;

Regatta Lady Apocalypse X-LT

Very reasonably priced shoes, the Lady Apocalypse stand out from the crowd with nicely styled soft shell uppers. The use of soft shell fabric means that they’ll offer great breathability, and feel incredibly comfortable too, with a supportive structure that instantly forms to the shape of your foot from the very first wear. They repel water very well too. The midsole has pretty decent lateral support, but flexes easily at the toe, restricting them to low-level walks – they lack the midsole support of some. Unfortunately the heel feels fairly flat, and doesn’t offer a great deal of shock absorption – not ideal if you do most of your walking on hard ground. On the plus side, the tread pattern grips well on a variety of surfaces.

Materials: Soft shell upper, Isotex waterproofing
Sole: X-LT
Weight: 800g
Men’s version: No
Contact: 08448112332;
• Review from Country Walking magazine, June ’11

Regatta Apocalypse Mid

Generous sizing and very soft uppers make the Apocalypse Mid feel comfortable straight from the box, albeit rather like a pair of loose slippers. They’re unique in this selection because the uppers are made from a soft shell fabric. Coupled with a waterproof lining, this helps them stay waterproof, but also makes them feel rather lacking in support. The fairly low ankle cuff and very slack midsole limit their use to easy terrain, and the shallow tread pattern makes them best-suited to firm surfaces. They performed well for their price, but felt rather sweaty in warm weather. Unfortunately, they are also let down by a very fiddly lacing system, with limited scope for achieving a good fit across the foot. But at only 750g per pair, they are very lightweight.

Sizes: 3-8
Upper: Soft shell
Sole: Vibram/X-LT
Waterproof/breathable lining: Isotex
Weight: 750g
Men’s version: Yes
Contact: 0161 749 1313;

Regatta Ad-Trek 2011

A new sandal for this spring, the Regatta Ad-Trek is a very practical design coupled with some modern styling. So you get an upper that is water-resistant to ensure it is fast-drying. The straps are Velcro, making them quick and easy to use, and there are three adjustment points so a reasonable fit should be easily achieved. The straps are lined with neoprene for a little extra comfort, and the foot is better protected than some thanks to the enclosed toe and fairly wide area of protection at the little toe and big toe flex points. Underfoot the outsole has quite an aggressive lug pattern for grip on softer terrain. There is good cushioning too. A decent all-round walking performance is on offer here at a good price. But the Regatta Ad-Trek’s outsole lacks the stiffness and support of some sandals that are designed for adventure trekking. So while there is good cushioning for hard surfaces there is not enough stiffening for when those hard surfaces become rocky in nature, such as on a typical rough path experienced on treks.

Upper PU-coated nubuck leather, synthetic mesh, neoprene padding
Sole TPR outsole
Sizes 7-12 (men’s); 3-8 (women’s)
Weight 636g (pair, size 11)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 422

The Regatta Ad-Trek is a well-priced sandal with good cushioning and extra protection for trekking, but more stiffness in the sole would make it even better.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2011

Regatta Masquerade X-LT 2011

The Regatta Masquerade X-LT weighs 1424g (pair, size 11); oiled nubuck leather upper with minimal stitching for maximum durability; Isotex waterproof lining; toe box offers decent protection; good cushioning; outsole has reasonably deep and widely spaced lugs for grip in mud. But the sole is quite bendy so this is not ideal on rockier ground; upper is not as supportive as some higher-priced boots.

The Regatta Masquerade X-LT is exceptional value for a boot with a durable leather upper; a good choice if you’re on a budget.

First published in Trail magazine May 2011

Regatta Formation X-LT 2011

The Regatta Formation X-LT weighs 1044g (pair, size 11); Isotex waterproof lining; suede and mesh upper; stiff, supportive heel cup and toe box; rand on toe for durability; outsole has widely spaced lugs for grip in mud without clogging. But sole is bendy so not ideal on rockier ground; a more pronounced heel breast would improve braking; Isotex less breathable than pricier options.

The Regatta Formation X-LT is a good general-purpose shoe that’s fine for valley walks.

First published in Trail magazine May 2011

Regatta Guideway Mid 2011

The Regatta Guideway Mid is a very good low-priced boot with a mid-cut ankle cuff and a waterproof lining that is good for general outdoor use. The upper has plenty of leather to protect the mesh for greater durability. There is decent stiffness in the ankle area and sole too. The lugs are reasonably aggressive for grip in mud. But while everything about the Regatta Guideway Mid is reasonable, others have a real performance edge for walking in the hills. A stiffer toe box, and stiffer sole and higher ankle cuff would make this better for rockier hills.

Upper PU-coated nubuck, mesh; Isotex waterproof lining
Sole rubber with EVA cushioning
Sizes 7-12 (men’s); 3-8 (women’s); 11-6 (kids’)
Weight 648g (pair, size 1)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 422

Use the Regatta Guideway Mid for valley walks and good paths and it will perform okay, but others have the edge on more challenging terrain.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2011

Regatta Masquerade X-LT

Plenty of padding make the Masquerade feel instantly comfortable, and the fairly roomy fit is best-suited to broader feet. There’s noticeably less heel support than some, but this will suit walkers who go for relaxed comfort above all. The sole provides good shock absorption, suiting them to hard ground, and gripping better on rock than grass. The Isotex lining is good at keeping water out, but as the tongues aren’t sealed very high up, and the ankle cuffs low, water will creep in.

Sizes: 3-8
Upper: Nubuck
Lining: Isotex
Sole: Carbon rubber
Weight (tested pair): 1,050g
Men’s available: Yes
Contact: 0161 749 1200;

Regatta Lady Formation X-LT

A forgiving and slightly sloppy last means these are best-suited to women with wide feet. Unfortunately the lacing system is awkward, making it quite hard to get any support across the forefoot. They’re comfortable from the box, though, with plenty of mesh in the uppers to help your feet breathe. The midsole is very soft, especially across the toes, and the heel is a little flat. However, the rubber sole gives great grip on rocky ground, and there’s a waterproof lining to help keep your feet dry.

: UK 3-8; EU 36-42
Upper: Suede/mesh
Waterproof lining: Yes
Weight (pair): 800g
Men’s version: Yes
Contact: 0161 749 1313;

Regatta Ad-Splorer 2010

The Regatta Ad-Splorer is an extremely low-priced sandal, which is its main benefit. It is completely made from synthetic materials, which makes it ideal for use in wet conditions as it dries very fast. There are three Velcro straps, which allows good adjustment at the heel, ankle and forefoot. The heel strap can be removed to convert this to a ‘slide’ as well. The straps are comfy enough thanks to padding on the inside. The straps protect the foot on the side a little more than some, which is also a benefit. There is good cushioning underfoot too, and a decent grip, making this suitable for hard surfaces and soft, grassy campsites. Great performance in many ways, particularly at this price. But the sole unit is very flexible, which is fine on level ground, but on more uneven terrain this forces the foot to work much harder, leading to fatigue. There are more comfortable sandals available if you are prepared to pay more and need the extra performance that a more supportive sole can provide.

Upper synthetic upper; spandex lining
Sole rubber outsole
Sizes 7-12 (men’s)
Weight 780g (pair, size 11)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 470

The Regatta Ad-Splorer is a good low-priced sandal, but the sole is not very supportive, which limits performance to level terrain (unless you prefer less support of course).

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2010

Regatta Cross Stones JNR 2010

The Regatta Cross Stones JNR is a stylish girls’ boot with a reasonable ankle cuff and a waterproof lining. There is a good level of protection at the toe as well. The outsole has a decent pattern of lugs for easier terrain. Use this on forest trails and when sticking to the paths on the fells and it would offer reasonable performance. But the upper is quite complex so this may not be as durable as simpler designs. But the main problem is that while the outsole lugs are okay, others offer a better grip. Also the sole is very flexible, so it is not ideal for rockier terrain.

Upper PU nubuck, mesh, Isotex waterproof lining
Sole carbon rubber
Sizes 30-39
Weight 558g (pair, size 32)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 470

The Regatta Cross Stones JNR is a good-looking boot that’s best suited to valley and grassy terrain.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2010

Regatta Lady Formation X-LT 2010

The Regatta Lady Formation X-LT weighs 808g (pair, size 5); Isotex waterproof lining; suede and mesh upper; stiffness in toe box protects toes; supportive heel cup; reasonably aggressive outsole lug pattern; good price. But the Isotex waterproof lining is not as breathable as some higher-priced options; a heel breast would add more braking grip on slopes.

The Regatta Lady Formation X-LT is a good waterproof shoe at an excellent price, but others have benefits for outdoor activities.

First published in Trail magazine May 2010

Regatta Cross Stones X-LT

Light boots that are also low-priced. Very low at the ankle – almost a mid really – and they have negligible midsole support, so are definitely best for lower level walking. The uppers have a large amount of mesh, so will feel cool in the summer but perhaps a bit too cold in spring and autumn, and the Isotex lining does a good job of keeping feet dry. The outsole is definitely best on firmer surfaces. The fit is quite generous.


Sizes: UK 7-12; EU 41-47 Upper: Suede/nubuk/mesh Sole: X-Lt Waterproof/breathable lining: Isotex Weight/pair: 960g Contact: 0161 749 1313;

Regatta Fast Track X-LT

At first glance £60 seems like a good price for a pair of shoes for walking, and it certainly would be if you only really wanted them for casual use and really easy trails, but the Fast Track has a flimsy midsole that lacks the kind of lateral support needed for rough and rocky trails, and the tread pattern doesn’t really provide much traction on softer ground either. They are well-padded and the Isotex lining worked well in wet grass.


Sizes: UK 7-12; EU 41-47
Upper: Leather/mesh
Waterproof lining: Yes
Weight per pair: 860g 
Women’s version: Yes, Lady Fast Track X-LT
Contact: 0161 749 1313;


First published in Country Walking magazine June 2009

Regatta Rockfold Mid X-LT

The Rockfold is really a high shoe rather than a full-on boot and very much aimed at the more casual walker, with minimal midsole support and a shallow tread pattern that will only really perform on good surfaces. In its favour, it’s superbly comfortable, thanks to a broad, boxy fit and a substantial amount of padding, and the waterproof lining kept water out. Perhaps best-suited to those not quite ready to leap to full-on walking boots. 


Sizes: UK 7-12; EU 41-47
Upper: Suede and mesh
Waterproof/breathable lining: Proprietary waterproof membrane
Sole: X-LT sole, lightweight carbon rubber outsole 
Weight per pair: 1,010g
Women’s version available: Yes
Contact: 0161 749 1313;

Regatta Wetland Junior

The Regatta Wetland Junior’s suede and synthetic upper looks fresh and appealing, and this children’s boot gets a waterproof lining. There is some good stiffness around the toe and heel too for increased durability and protection. The outsole lugs are also reasonably aggressive for getting a grip.  But the low-ankle cuff means you need to avoid deep puddles and terrain where grit might easily enter the shoe. As always, a leather or simpler upper would be more durable in the long term. Although the sole is reasonable there are better options for rockier terrain.


Upper suede leather and mesh, waterproof lining
Sole lightweight hiking carbon rubber
Sizes 11-6
Weight 828g (pair, size 3)
Made in Far East
Stores in the UK 450+

Verdict: The Regatta Wetland Junior is a good children’s boot for valley walks and easier hill paths, but others are better for rockier mountain walks.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2009