Zamberlan Micron GT Plus

These fabric boots from Zamberlan are a narrower fit and have sparser padding than some, meaning it can take a while to get comfortable in them, but once you’ve worn them in, they feel great. With a stiffish midsole and a very supportive upper, these are best on higher or rougher ground and aren’t quite as versatile as the best in class. Having said that, they are by no means too clumsy for everyday walking.

Verdict: A modern-looking, well-made boot that excels on higher or rougher ground but will still work lower down. Perfect for summer in the Lakes or Snowdonia, but best suited to narrower feet.

Colours: Ice grey/red

Sizes: Unisex 37-47 (Euro’), 4-12 (UK)

Upper: Hydrobloc split leather/Cordura

Waterproof/breathable lining: Gore-Tex

Sole: Vibram Zamberlan Evolution

Weight: 1,560g

Women’s version: No

Contact: 0161 432 0319;