The North Face El Porto Convertible

This is a great sandal for water sports and general use. The straps are synthetic, so they are fast-drying. There are three Velcro strips to allow secure adjustment, and all the straps are lined with neoprene. The straps around the toes are quite wide, so they don’t dig in and also they add a little protection to the sides of the toes. The footbed is an antimicrobial design to reduce odour and it is also well-cushioned to take the pounding out of walking on hard surfaces. The dimpled effect on the footbed is also very comfy. The sole unit is well-stiffened with a gentle flex towards the toe that allows a very comfortable and natural walking action. The outsole should give a good grip on wet surfaces. A nice touch is that the heel strap can be removed to turn this into a slide design. But the outsole pattern is very smooth, so this sandal is not ideal for walking on mud or grass, but should be fine on dusty paths and for general travel. The sole unit lug pattern is really the only drawback though.


Upper: synthetic straps; neoprene padding
Sole: Hydro Track water-shedding sole, EVA cushioning, antimicrobial footbed
Trail fit profile: forefoot 2; heel 2; volume 2; length 2
Sizes: 7-13 (men’s); 3.5-8.5 (women’s)
Weight: 556g (pair, size 8)
Made in China
Stores n UK: England 67; Wales 4; Scotland 11; Ireland 3

Verdict: Buy it if you want a well-cushioned, practical sandal for water sports or general travel then this is ideal, particularly for the price.