Teva Sunkosi

This is probably the most remarkable multi-activity shoe we’ve worn in years. It’s clearly evolved from the stunning Teva Wraptor sandal, and this means the shoe provides a wonderfully smooth rolling action and a great feeling of comfort on the foot. Unlike a sandal, these have a mesh upper that wraps over the foot. The lacing system is unusual too as it comprises Teva’s Wraptor Fit system, so you get a webbing strap under the arch and heel plus an elasticated cord along the top of the shoe which works really well. The toe bumper is solid and the sole is a functional design with good grip, good stiffness and drainage holes. The low weight is a bonus that means you won’t mind taking them as an alternative to your boots.
They aren’t waterproof and we don’t know how long the bungee cord lacing system will last. Other shoes are better for scrambling (the forefoot is quite wide so it lacks the close, dexterous feel of others). Other shoes are probably more protective on rocky ground, too.


Upper: synthetic and mesh
Sole: Spider rubber with drainage ports
Sizes: 7-14 (men’s); 5-11 (women’s); 8-6 (children’s)
Weight: 840g (pair, size 11)
Made in: China
Stores in the UK: 362

Verdict: An unusual shoe that fills a niche if you want a lightweight shoe for water sports, travel and walking in warm weather. They’re fine for general outdoor use.


First published in Trail magazine, April 2008