Teva Riva Peak Mid Event (2014)

Teva – best known for its outstanding sandals – has also released a range of boots. Put the Riva Peak Mid eVent on, and that sandal fit is clearly an influence as the forefoot is broad, the sole has a smooth, rolling action and the heel is neatly cupped in the back of the boot. The upper is mostly made from leather with modern styling and not too much stitching. The toe box is not as stiff as higher-priced boots, but there is some protection in there. The heel is also softer than higher-priced boots but again it does have some stiffness. There is a good rand on the toe for extra durability too. The outsole has widely spaced lugs that are not quite as deep as some and there is a minimal heel breast so this is going to be reasonable on valley paths but on steeper, wetter slopes the grip is not as good as some other boots. There is some reasonable stiffness in the sole though so your feet don’t have to work too hard, and certainly on reasonable paths this boot will perform well. But like many boots at the £140 mark it begins to struggle on rockier ground and more challenging terrain. Use the Teva Riva Peak Mid eVent for valley walks, though, and it is a good comfortable boot.

Upper materials full-grain leather

Waterproof lining eVent

Sole unit Vibram

Men’s sizes 6-12

Women’s sizes 4-8

Weight 1614g (pair, size 11)



The Teva Riva Peak Mid eVent is a well-priced boot considering it has a leather upper. It performs well on easier paths, moorland and valley walks, but higher-priced boots offer more to the hillwalker.

Features 4

Design 3

Comfort 4

Performance 3

Value 4

Overall rating 4

Review by Graham Thompson

Just missed out on being in Trail magazine May 2014