Teva RS Universal

The neoprene-lined waterproof leather straps on these sandals from Teva take a moment to feel right, but then feel like you’ve worn them all your life. Despite having only two points of adjustment, they hold your feet securely and comfortably in place. They may look pretty minimalist, but support and shock absorption are good. The outsole works well on firm ground, even when wet, and the medium-stiff midsole is good. Could be more stable and protective on rough ground

Verdict: A traditional-style unisex sandal that offers good all-round performance, but others here provide more protection and stability on rougher terrain.

Colours: Bat

Sizes: Unisex 3-15 (UK), 35-51 (Euro’)

Upper/straps: Waterproof leather/neoprene

Sole: Traction rubber

Weight: 750g

Contact: 01475 746000;