Scarpa SL Activ/Mythos Tech (2014)


The Scarpa SL Activ/Mythos Tech is a quintessential 3-4 season boot with a robust design. The full leather upper with minimal stitching and rubber rand offers great protection. The ankle cuff has a V-Flex design to allow forward flex. Underfoot there is a stiff sole unit with deep, well-spaced lugs for grip on a wide variety of terrain. There’s no Gore-Tex waterproof lining though. 5/5


The Activ fit improves comfort straight from the box to make it feel less traditional than appearances might suggest. The SL Activ boot comes in men’s 41-46, with the women’s version being the £225 Mythos Tech in sizes 37-42. There is more stiffness than in some boots, but there is some precurvature that makes this fit the foot neatly. 5/5


At 2192g (pair, size 46) the Scarpa SL Activ/Mythos Tech should feel heavy but as the comfort from the internal padding, the shape of the fit and the ankle flex are all so good, it does not. In fact it feels very comfortable and precise on the foot, with a surprisingly natural gait when walking below the snowline. 5/5

In use

The flex is ideal for scrambling and edging on snow, while the toe-to-heel flex is just enough to allow toe edging on snow while being ideal for rockier ground. Below the snow there is enough curvature in the sole combined with the toe flex to allow easy walking. Thanks to the rubber rand and minimal stitching, water is kept at bay. 5/5


The Scarpa SL Activ/Mythos Tech will last for many years so great value if you use it regularly, but it’s not cheap. 4/5


The Scarpa SL Activ/Mythos Tech is the definition of 3-4 season performance, unless you also want a waterproof lining. It won Trail’s ‘Best in Test’ award.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014