Scarpa Ranger GTX

These three-season boots from Scarpa are very comfortable right from the word go. They fit well, with a good amount of room in the toe, a comfortable heel and a soft, supportive ankle cuff. The streamlined, classic design is a pleasure and the luxurious leather upper is instantly eye-catching. The Rangers perform exceptionally well over all types of terrain, especially rock. The lacing system ensures a good fit, and they also provide a comfortable amount of support while feeling light and flexible. They are waterproof, and the padded lining provides just the right amount of comfort without making them too hot.

Verdict: The Rangers have a lovely simple-looking design that is perfectly suited to UK hill walking. They’re comfortable straight from the box, and will probably suit most foot shapes. A fair price for what they offer.

Colours: TD Moro

Sizes: 3 1/2-8 (UK), 36-42 (Euro’)

Upper: Crosat HS 12 leather

Waterproof/breathable lining: Gore-Tex

Sole: Vibram Kalden

Weight: 1,250g

Men’s version: Yes

Contact: 0191 296 0212;