Scarpa New SL

This was the benchmark 3-4 season boot for many years. The current version offers less support to the ankle. In a way this is good as this new ankle certainly allows an easier walking action. The boot is also lighter too. You get the same one-piece leather upper and very aggressive sole unit. That stiff upper is ideal for use with crampons or when scampering across scree, and the rolling action of the sole unit is ideal on valley walks and paths too.  So this is a real crowd-pleaser in many ways and certainly ideal for most year round hill-walkers. But there is no rubber rand on this boot (although that thick leather upper is perfectly capable of taking the knocks). Also the tongue design is simpler and less comfy than some. The real drawback is the new ankle cuff, as I just don’t think it offers the support needed for regular use in the snow, unless you are a more experienced walker.


Upper: 2.8mm Sherpa HS12 leather
Lining: leather cuff and synthetic padding
Sole: Scarpa Vibram M3, Performance Flex midsole,
Sizes: 40-50 with two width fittings (men’s); 36-42 (women’s)
Trail fit profile: forefoot-medium; heel- medium; volume- medium; length- medium
Crampon compatibility: B1
Weight: 1788g (pair, size 46)
Made in Italy
Stores in UK: 214

Verdict: Buy it if you want a relatively lightweight yet durable boot for year-round mountain walking and prefer less ankle support.