Scarpa Nanga-Pa GTX (2015)


The upper is made from Cordura with suede leather overlays so this may not be quite as durable as a single-piece leather upper, but it is more stylish. There is a Gore-Tex waterproof lining and the toe box is firm and well-protected by a synthetic overlay. The big benefit of the Scarpa Nanga-Pa GTX is its sole, which is more aggressive and stiffer than lower-priced options. 4/5


The men’s sizes are 41-48 and the women’s are 37-42. The fit offers a little more volume on top of the foot than some, so it may suit those with chunkier feet better than those with slimmer feet. The ankle cuff is average height and feels good. The toe box is spacious. A volume adjuster may benefit thinner-footed people. 5/5


The Scarpa Nanga-Pa GTX is not quite as softly padded as higher-priced boots but it feels reasonably comfortable with no major pressure points. The ankle cuff feels quite good compared to some. The sole is stiffer than many lower-priced boots, but this still has a comfortable walking action. 5/5

In use

The outsole is stiffer than others, making the Scarpa Nanga-Pa GTX better on rocky ground; also the sole lugs are deeper than others and more widely spaced, and so grip on softer ground is far better than others too. The ankle cuff offers great support and the toe box affords good protection, making this great on rougher ground. My only preference would be an upper with less stitching for more durability. 4/5


You get better performance on rocky ground here, which is why the price tag is higher. 4/5


The Scarpa Nanga-Pa GTX is a great boot for tackling mountains on a manageable budget, but lighter and lower-priced models are adequate for easier terrain. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015