Scarpa Cristallo (2012)

Scarpa Cristallos have been around for a fair amount of time and have proven themselves well in many varied mountain situations. They offer a very robust package and come with all the right features for scrambling, plus enough extra oomph to make them suitable for tackling mountain walking, mountaineering, via ferrata and even glacier excursions. Employed as scrambling boots they have a nice mix of support and flex, and while not as sensitive as some they can still comfortably deal with small holds and foot jams. Their relatively stiff lateral and longitudinal flex does compromise friction holds a little, and to make them work best on slabs or on rounded foot placements does require a bit of prior practice. Of all the boots tested in our review, these have perhaps the widest application. They will take crampons and have a good level of insulation, making them suitable for winter; but at the same time they are not overly heavy, reducing fatigue in summer. So if you only want one pair of boots, and you like to mix walking, winter walking and the odd Alpine holiday with your scrambling, then Scarpa Cristallos are the boots for you.


Upper materials nylon and Pro-Tech suede

Waterproof lining Gore-Tex Performance Comfort

Sole unit Vibram Mulaz

Women’s sizes 37-42

Men’s sizes 41-48

Weight 1772g (pair, size 46)




Tried and tested classics, Scarpa Cristallos are rugged, crampon-compatible boots that are a good choice if you like to mix your scrambling with big mountain days.


Review by Jeremy Ashcroft

First published in Trail magazine April 2012