Salewa Mountain Trainer GTX (2015)


The Salewa Mountain Trainer GTX is a remarkable shoe that has better hill features than some boots. Check out the full rubber rand, and the stiffness in the heel cup and upper generally, plus the relatively sparse stitching on the suede leather upper. Gore-Tex provides a waterproof lining, while there’s an outstanding Vibram sole unit with lugs of quality boot dimensions. 5/5


The size range is 6-13 for men and 3-9 for women, with that lacing extending to the toe allowing a particularly precise fit. The heel cup is nice and stiff, and when combined with the stiffer-than-average sole and upper the precise fit is easily maintained even when scrambling or climbing on rock. 5/5


The weight of 1226g (pair, size 11) plus the extra stiffness in the upper and sole mean that in the shop the Salewa Mountain Trainer GTX may feel cumbersome and heavy. But step over a few rocks and its comfort is supreme in comparison with lighter and bendier shoes that buckle under the strain. As there is a waterproof lining, it remains comfortable on wet ground too. 4/5

In use

The Salewa Mountain Trainer GTX is made for heading up the hills rather than around them. The sole grips on mud and is stiff enough for rockier ground. The upper offers the protection you need for long days while the rand and minimal stitching mean this should be more durable than some boots. Mountain shoe performance at its best. 5/5


At £135 it is no casual purchase but you get a waterproof lining and far more performance than some boots. But it sure ain’t cheap! 4/5


The Salewa Mountain Trainer GTX is simply the best mountain shoe available for those who demand the best performance when not wearing boots. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine May 2015