Regatta Wetland Junior

The suede and synthetic upper of this kids’ walking boot looks fresh and appealing, and there is a waterproof lining to keep the feet dry (until a deep puddle is jumped in!). There is some reinforcement around the toe and heel too for increased durability. But what I really liked was the sole unit. This is very aggressive, with lots of deep lugs to keep a grip when the paths turn muddy. The sole is also precurved to allow a very natural walking action, and there is lots of cushioning to make firm paths comfortable. Use this boot for walking in the valleys and across the hills and moors, and your child will have little to complain about. There is little else to compare to the performance at this or a lower price. But the low ankle cuff means you need to avoid deep puddles and very uneven terrain. Furthermore the toe box is a little soft and the sole is not quite as stiff as the best, so again rocky mountain paths are not the ideal environment for this boot. As always a leather upper would be more durable as would any upper with less stitching.


Upper: suede leather and mesh, waterproof lining
Sole: trail carbon rubber
Sizes: 11-6
Weight: 776g (pair, size 1)
Made in Far East
Stores in UK: England 340; Wales 26; Scotland 56; Ireland 46

Verdict: Buy it if you want a low-priced, waterproof boot for walking in the valleys and over easier hill and moorland paths rather than rocky mountain paths.