Peter Storm Dalmore (2012)

These may feel harsh at first because the ankle cuff is quite stiff, but they’ll soon soften up. The fit is wide and forgiving, and while they’re a little short in the toe for the size, they lace up well to provide a fairly secure fit. The ankle cuff is on the low side, while the uppers are quite soft and this, combined with a flexible midsole, means they don’t provide much support. This makes them best-suited to easy, low-level terrain. They’ve got a decent sole, though, with a chunky tread that grips well on most surfaces. They’re definitely not suited to wetter walks – the tongue doesn’t seal well on the ankle cuff, so if you step in a deep puddle, water will flood straight in. They’re very light, though – only 480g per boot – and they breathe fairly well. They’ve got a good, protective heel counter, but there’s not much protection at the toe, so watch out for knocks. Not a bad price for a fair-weather, low-level walking boot.

Sizes: 4-8

Upper: Suede leather

Lining: Peter Storm

Sole: Rubber

Weight: 960g

Men’s version: Yes

Contact: 0800 389 5861,

*Published in Country Walking magazine, April 2012