Meindl X-SO 30 GTX Surround (2015)

This one makes use of the new Gore-Tex Surround technology, which is designed to run cooler than a conventional Gore-Tex shoe without losing any of its waterproofing. The secret hides in the midsole: a 6mm-thick spacer which vents underfoot heat and expels it through a 9mm-high breathable area along the side of the shoe. It works: on hot days, the shoe runs beautifully cool, and combined with a shallow-lugged outsole, it just loves hoovering up the miles. The downside is, it’s slightly too cool on colder days. It’s also not the sturdiest; the Surround technology cannot be enclosed by tough rands or thick uppers, so it’s not great at heather-bashing or bog-trotting where you want something really tough. Finally, the slender, stretchy laces are pretty fiddly. But if your feet run hot and you mainly stick to good, firm paths, this may be just the shoe you’ve been searching for.


Sizes: 6-12

Membrane: Gore-Tex Surround

Outsole: Meindl Magic Active Sole

Weight per pair: 828g

Women’s version: Yes

Contact: 01539 560214


A cool-running, waterproof shoe that is great for less demanding terrain.

Tested by Nick Hallissey

Country Walking June 2015