Meindl Softline Light GTX (2012)

Some boots have a distinct bias towards certain outdoor activities, and when it comes to the Meindl Softline Light GTX it’s definitely been designed with scrambling in mind. The sole is stiff to give you a solid platform on rock, with a great climbing zone at the front for edging on small ledges. A stiffened toe box covered with a large rubber rand offers maximum protection from stubbing as well as falling rock. At the heel end another large piece of rubber helps support your foot and keep it snugly in place, as well as helping with durability. The ankle cuff is very high compared to other boots here, but this is to better clasp your foot when scrambling. The lugs are nicely aggressive and deeper at the back than the front and there is less cushioning than on most boots – again both key for rock work. There’s also a Gore-Tex lining. Weightwise these are middle of the road in this test, weighing 1g lighter than the Asolo Atlantis GTXs (1121g per pair). It is worth noting that this boot has a wide fit so is a good choice for those with broader feet. All of the Meindl Softline Light GTX’s features are fantastic for those who have a preference for scrambling but on normal hillwalks the level of flex in the sole, high ankle and lack of cushioning may prove less comfortable.

Weight 1121g (pair, size 5.5)
Upper materials velour leather and mesh
Waterproof lining Gore-Tex Performance Comfort
Sole unit Meindl Multigruff 2 by Vibram
Women’s sizes 3.5-8
Men’s sizes 6-12



The Meindl Softline Light GTX is a superb boot if you intend to do a lot of scrambling, but the high ankle cuff and relative lack of cushioning make it a less comfy option for general hillwalking.


Review by Phoebe Smith

First published in Trail magazine August 2012