Meindl Jorasse GTX (2014)


The bright upper is made from leather and synthetic material with a double tongue design and elasticated cuff on the ankle for more comfort and protection. A deep rubber rand encloses the boot, which boasts a Gore-Tex waterproof lining. Underfoot you get a very aggressive Vibram sole unit with deep lugs. 5/5


The Meindl Jorasse GTX comes in sizes 6-12 for men and 3.5-8 for women. The boot is higher-volume than others, allowing plenty of space on top of the foot with a generally spacious feel at the toe while being closer in the forefoot. The double tongue allows the top of the boot to be neatly laced to hold the foot. 5/5


This does feel great on, with generous padding noticeable on the top of the foot while a gentle curve to the sole improves comfort further. This boot only weighs 1908g (pair, size 11) and feels good because of that. It is however much stiffer in the sole than most other boots here, which makes it less comfortable for walking. 4/5

In use

The Meindl Jorasse GTX’s stiffness is more like a 4-season boot than a 3-4 season boot, which means you get superb performance on the snow and ice, and indeed you could wear it for glacier crossings and all-day use on challenging snow. But below the snow the ‘clumpy’ feel due to the stiffness of the sole is a drawback. Best used as a 4-season boot. 4/5


The price is great for the extra stiffness, but 3-4 season performance is available for less. 3/5


The Meindl Jorasse GTX  is too stiff for 3-4 season performance so best suited to use on the snow rather than off it.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014