Meindl Bhutan (2015)


In spring 2014 the Bhutan replaced the Meindl Burma Pro, which has been a classic since its release back in 1997. The Bhutan is a tough 3-season boot with a leather upper that has minimal stitching and a full rubber rand for impressive durability. A Gore-Tex waterproof lining is provided and you get a Vibram sole unit with excellent cushioning and stiffness. 5/5


The Meindl Bhutan comes in sizes 6-12 for men and 3½-9 for women. It feels slightly snugger than the Burma Pro, with a slightly closer fit around the toe box than some others. There is still good volume, though, and overall this seemed ideal. The ankle cuff is slightly higher and stiffer than some but fitted me well and was softly cushioned. 5/5


The upper is nice and comfy against the foot and the sole is well-cushioned. The stiffness in the sole is ideal for rockier ground. Flex at the toe when walking is good too. The ankle cuff, although slightly higher and slightly stiffer than some, is well-padded and so it feels comfortable even when traversing slopes. 5/5

In use

The Meindl Bhutan feels great for general hill and mountain walking. But it isn’t quite as precise on its toe flex and positioning on the ground as the absolute best boot here, so it feels a little more ‘clumpy’ than necessary. This isn’t a major problem and it’s only noticeable after trying other boots, as the stiffness of the sole, the grip and the durability of this boot are superb. 4/5


Leather boots always cost if they have great design and the Meindl Bhutan is no exception, but the price is comparable with other high-end models. 3/5


The Meindl Bhutan is a great general 3-season boot for hill and mountain walking that competes with the best. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine May 2015