Mammut Mt Trail XT GTX (2015)


The Mammut Mt Trail XT GTX is a well-established 3-4 season boot and it’s now slightly stiffer than in the past to make it even better suited to snow. The upper is leather with minimal stitching and a full rubber rand for further durability. A Gore-Tex waterproof lining is provided. The ankle cuff is about 1cm lower than some models. The sole has deep, widely spaced lugs. 5/5


This boot is available in sizes 7-12 for men, with the nearest women’s option being the Merlon GTX at £220, which has more synthetic material and is sized 4-9. The Mt Trail XT GTX does not fit quite as precisely as some others with slightly more space around the toes. The ankle cuff is lower than some others but it does not fit quite as closely and does not flex quite as nicely as some. 4/5


At 1978g (pair, size 11) the Mammut Mt Trail XT GTX is very light compared to others, although you don’t really notice the difference on the foot. It feels nice and comfortable with more space at the toes and a slightly firmer sensation in foot contact areas, although the differences are tiny (and in testing only noticeable when wearing different boots on each foot), so there really is not much in it. 4/5

In use

The lower weight of the Mammut Mt Trail XT GTX gives it an edge when walking in the hills, but it’s not quite as precise on rock when scrambling and the flex at the toe is not quite as smooth as others. However the differences are tiny, and generally it feels ideal for use on snow and rock. This is stiffer than it used to be but some others are very slightly stiffer at the toe, which is useful in snow. 4/5


This is a great price for a good all-round winter boot that includes Gore-Tex in the mix. 5/5


Unless you’re being really picky, there is little benefit in paying more as the Mammut Mt Trail XT GTX is a great-value boot. 4.4/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015