Mammut Merlon GTX (2014)


The Mammut Merlon GTX’s dazzling upper is made from layers of leather and synthetic textile with lots of stitching, which may not have the durability of leather boots with less stitching. There is a full rand though for extra protection, and a Gore-Tex waterproof lining. The ankle cuff is slightly softer than others, too, and the lug pattern is slightly less aggressive. 4/5


The boot comes in sizes 6.5-12 for men with no women’s version. The fit is nice and close without being too narrow or too baggy. The toe is a good general profile for a mix of walking and scrambling without being restrictive. The ankle cuff was slightly softer than others, leading to a feeling of more freedom of movement in this area. 5/5


The slightly softer upper of this boot makes it instantly more comfortable than most here. But that comfort may not be so good when more support would be of benefit as the sole and upper are not quite as supportive as others. This is great for use below snow and on rocks, but perhaps less comfortable on more challenging terrain. 4/5

In use

Below the snowline the Mammut Merlon GTX is great, but on the snow the softness may not be ideal. Furthermore the outsole lug pattern is quite shallow with only a small heel breast, which means grip won’t be so good on soft snow.  Use it for scrambling or walking over rockier ground and it’s a winner, but others have the edge on snow. 4/5


The Mammut Merlon GTX is great for year-round walking, as long as you don’t need the best performance on snow.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014