Mammut Magic Advanced High GTX (2016)


The upper is made from synthetic leather that is three times lighter than leather, which is in part why the Mammut Magic Advanced High GTX is a relatively light boot at 1912g (pair, size 46). There is a Gore-Tex waterproof lining inside and a rubber rand outside for more protection. A Vibram sole with deep, well-spaced lugs and a smooth climbing zone under the toe are provided, and stiffness is B3 category: stiffer than is needed for walkers. 4/5


The size range is very good: men’s 6-13 and women’s 4-9. Fit isn’t quite as precise and close as others but there is a bit more room in the toe than some narrow designs. The cuff is a notch higher than others and a little more supportive, which is great for a B3 climbing boot but restrictive compared to a B2 walking boot. 4/5


The weight is great but the Mammut Magic Advanced High GTX isn’t as comfy on the foot as some other B3 boots. Comfort isn’t bad; it’s just that others are slightly softer at contact points on the foot. It feels less ‘clumpy’ than other B3 boots though. It’s also quite restrictive around the ankle cuff, which is normal for B3 boots, but walkers will find a B2 boot more comfortable. 4/5

In use

The sole stiffness and deep lugs make the Mammut Magic Advanced High GTX great when crunching though snow and tackling steeper terrain as it can provide a very secure platform on each step. You can fit crampons with a heel clip too for better grip. There is a smooth zone on the sole under the toe, which isn’t ideal for pushing off when walking; and the sole flex isn’t smooth enough for walking. Great for a B3 boot when climbing. 4/5


The price is very good for a B3 boot; but you can get a very good B2 boot at this price. 4/5


The Mammut Magic Advanced High GTX is a low-weight and well-priced B3 mountaineering boot but winter hillwalkers could get a more dedicated B2 walking boot for similar outlay. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine January 2016