Lomer Gardena MTX 2011

Considering you get a quality leather upper with minimal stitching – to help prevent leaks over long-term use – as well as a waterproof liner, the Lomer Gardena (men’s version is the Tofana) offers superb value for money. Despite the fact it doesn’t use Gore-Tex (which may be more breathable than the Mertex they’ve chosen) a liner means that even if you’re too lazy to care for your boots they will still keep your feet dry. Your toes get a better level of protection than with other models on test, with a stiffer toe box, and the ankle cuff is comfortable and a good height. The outer sole is equipped with an impressive lug pattern with a good range of spacing and depth to help gain grip while preventing clogging, as well as a pronounced heel breast to help with braking on descents. The main points that might make you go for another model are the noticeable lack of cushioning compared to others in this price range, the heavier weight (it’s nearly the heaviest on test) and – let’s face it – the rather bland design. That aside, in terms of durability, features and performance there’s no doubt the Lomer Gardena MTX is great value.

Weight 1138g (pair, size 6)
Upper materials anfibio leather
Waterproof lining Mertex
Sole unit Vibram Viking
Women’s sizes 3-8
Men’s sizes 7-12 (Tofana)
Website www.lomerfootwear.co.uk

The Lomer Gardena MTX offers fantastic value for a leather boot that’s also equipped with a waterproof liner, though the dated style and heavier weight may not be for everyone. It won Trail’s ‘Best Value’ award.

Review by Phoebe Smith
First published in Trail magazine December 2011