Keen Targhee Mid (2015)


The Keen Targhee Mid’s low weight of 1134g (pair, size 11) is exceptional. For that you get an upper made of mostly leather with synthetic material around the tongue plus a Keen.Dry waterproof and breathable lining. The ankle cuff is very low and there is more stitching on the upper, so this may be less supportive and less durable than some. There is virtually no heel breast on the sole. 3/5


The men’s sizes are 6-13 and the women’s 2½-8½. The fit is typical of Keen, being quite broad and spacious at the forefoot and toe area. The ankle cuff is lower than most boots. This will probably fit those with wider feet better than some of the narrower models we looked at. 5/5


The low cuff and low weight make the Keen Targhee Mid very comfy straight away. The toe box is spacious too, so again great for comfort. As there is decent stiffness in the toe box and sole that comfort is retained quite well on rocky ground, though the lower cuff does mean that on angled slopes of rock or earth your feet have to work pretty hard and so comfort reduces. 4/5

In use

The Keen Targhee Mid is quite good on level, dry ground but on soft ground the lugs are quite wide, so they don't bite in that well; plus there is virtually no heel breast so braking power during descents is not great. Sole stiffness is reasonable for rocky ground, but the lower ankle cuff offers minimal protection and support. The upper may not be as durable as a one-piece leather design. 3/5


The price is good, but this lacks the higher cuff and features of other boots at this price. 4/5


If you want a lightweight boot for level ground the Keen Targhee Mid is a good option but it has drawbacks for rockier ground and more uneven terrain. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015