Keen Marshall Mid (2015)


There is a KEEN. Dry waterproof lining behind the synthetic upper that comprises of synthetic mesh with rubber overlays. The heel cup is nicely stiffened and there is a large rubber rand at the toe, but the upper is quite soft in general. Underfoot you get 4mm deep widely spaced lugs, which is great, but there is no heel breast and the sole is more flexible than most. It’s light, but not the lightest. 4/5


The men’s version of the Marshall Mid comes in size 6-12 and the women’s in sizes 3-8. The fit is typical of Keen, being wider at the forefoot than average. The upper still fits closely though as this is not a particularly high-volume design, while the heel fits closely too. The ankle cuff is slightly lower than most boots here. 5/5


Straight from the box the Keen Marshall Mid feels great, but it lacks the underfoot cushioning of some models and the stiffness of others, so when used on the hill it is not as comfortable on hard rough ground as others. On level paths and grass it is great though. The upper is not very stiff so rocks can easily be felt through the upper. 3/5

In use

The 4mm deep lugs do provide great grip on softer ground and on level paths, but like a lot of the lightweight boots, there is no heel breast so descending is less secure. The flex in the sole makes the feet work harder on more uneven ground too, which is where stiffer and heavier boots are a benefit. You are not getting the biggest weight saving here or the maximum breathability either. 3/5


The lowest-priced boot in our test and still very lightweight, so value is excellent. 5/5


The Keen Marshall Mid wins in terms of price, but you need to consider if this benefit outweighs its performance drawbacks on more uneven ground. It won Trail’s ‘Best Value’ award. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine August 2015