Karrimor KSB Explore D30 (2014)

The Karrimor KSB Explore D30 is very lightweight and built around a fabric upper with suede overlays. There is quite a lot of stitching on the upper so I would not expect this to be as durable as one-piece leather upper design if the boot is used on rockier ground. The toe box is very soft, though, so this is not great on rock, but you do get a rubber toe bumper for extra durability. Underfoot the sole has widely spaced lugs that provide good grip, but there is virtually no heel breast, so on grass slopes the grip is not as good as some other options. The sole is also very flexible compared to other boots in the £140-170 price band, which again means this is not the best option for rockier ground. This boot is very similar to the Salomon Comet 3D GTX (£140) but it is slightly heavier and the fit is not quite as precise. However if you have high-volume feet it is possible you may prefer the fit of this over the Salomon. But the toe box is slightly firmer on the Salomon and also the flex is stiffer on that boot and so assuming there is no difference in fit for your feet the Salomon Comet 3D GTX is a slightly better option for the hillgoer.

Upper materials suede leather, synthetic fabric

Waterproof lining Event

Sole unit Karrimor

Men’s sizes 7-13

Women’s sizes 4-8

Weight 1472g (pair, size 11)

Website www.karrimor.com


The price and weight are great, but the Karrimor KSB Explore D30 is not as good as other boots at this price for rocky ground; however if you stick to moors and valley walks it is certainly better than most boots with lower RRPs than £140.

Features 4

Design 3

Comfort 4

Performance 3

Value 4

Overall rating 4

Review by Graham Thompson

Just missed out on being in Trail magazine May 2014