Hi-Tec V-Lite Fast Hike Mid

If you are on a budget, this kids’ walking boot is an excellent option at £35. It has a waterproof lining tucked away behind the upper, which is a mix of suede, rubber and various textiles. While this upper adds shelf appeal, it is also something that children might enjoy wearing more than a duller design. The upper also offers reasonable protection to the foot, as the toe box is rubberised and stiff, while the heel cup is very supportive. The ankle cuff is quite high too, making this ideal for kids heading for uneven, rocky terrain. Underfoot there is a good level of support and cushioning which should take the strain out of walking on rocky paths. Use this for walking on paths across the mountains and it should perform well and provide good protection. But the upper of the boot would more durable if there were fewer bits and pieces on the upper as the plethora of stitching will be likely to fail before simpler designs. If only used occasionally of course, then the child may well grow out of them before they wear out. The outsole is not as aggressive as the best boots, so while this is great on rocky paths, it is not the best for muddy grass slopes and moorland walks.


Upper: suede leather and textile, waterproof lining
Sole: trail carbon rubber
Sizes: 13-6 (junior); 7-12 (men’s); 4-8 (women’s)
Weight: 748g (pair, size 1)
Made in China
Stores in UK: England 350; Wales 45; Scotland 80; Ireland 100

Verdict: Buy it if You want a well-priced, supportive boot for hill and valley walks as well as mountain travel then this is a good, low-priced option.