Hi-Tec Altitude V200 i WP (2015)


The Hi-Tec Altitude V200 i WP is a good boot for walking in colder weather below the snow, as it has Thinsulate insulation (men’s model only) for warmer feet. The upper is full leather with minimal stitching so it is very durable, and the sole and upper are also very stiff so it is a great choice for rocky or uneven ground. The sole has reasonably deep lugs but they are less aggressive than some. 5/5


The men’s sizes are 7-16 and the women’s 4-8. The Hi-Tec Altitude V200 i WP feels a little short so you might want to try a half size up from normal. The ankle cuff on the men’s is higher than most, although the women’s is lower. The fit is not as close as the other boots featured here, which is a drawback; but the size range is very good. 3/5


The men’s ankle cuff tends to dig in a little, which is far from ideal. The women’s model may be better as it has a lower ankle cuff. The men’s version is insulated with Thinsulate, but this would make it too warm for me except when high in the mountains; yet the women’s version lacks this insulation, a feature that women may want! 3/5

In use

The Hi-Tec Altitude V200 i WP is very stiff, but as the fit is not close and the ankle cuff not particularly comfortable it feels quite ‘clumpy’ and does not roll nicely when walking. Neither does it have the finesse of other higher-priced stiff boots. It does provide lots of support though and protects the foot well on uneven ground. The outsole lugs are not quite as aggressive as others, for use on softer ground. 3/5


This boot is very well-priced for what you are getting, but you need to make sure it is really what you want. 5/5


The Hi-Tec Altitude V200 i WP is good for walking in colder conditions on a budget, plus very durable and supportive but higher-priced boots offer advantages. 3.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015