GreenVee Dales Way

The GreenVee Dales Way 3-season walking boot is one of the better examples of the new breed of ethical footwear. It’s made with Lorica, a synthetic material that looks and feels like leather. There’s minimal stitching on the upper too to improve durability and water resistance. Inside you get a waterproof breathable lining made from Sympatex. The upper is nice and stiff to protect and support the foot, while the ankle cuff is lower than some and soft, making this ideal for those who prefer less support around the ankle. Underfoot you get a very aggressive Vibram sole unit that is ideal for clawing over the moors or cutting through the scree. Some boots have rubber rands and higher ankle cuffs, which some will prefer for the most rugged of terrain (but of course not everyone wants that level of protection either). Other boots are a notch lighter too, though this is still reasonably light, to be fair.


Upper: 2mm Lorica, Sympatex waterproof lining
Sole: Vibram Werewolf
Sizes: 8-14 (men’s); 3-8 (women’s)
Weight: 1412g (pair, size 11)
Made in: UK and Italy
Stores in the UK: 10

Verdict: A superb boot for valley and hill walking, for those who want a more ethical boot and don’t require a highly supportive ankle cuff even on rough terrain. 


First published in Trail magazine, April 2008