Garmont Dragontail 2009

The Garmont Dragontail is a multi-activity shoe based on the ‘crag approach’ use of multi-activity footwear. So it gets a good, stiff sole unit with sticky rubber to provide great grip on rock as well as being stiff enough to stand on edges easily. A smooth climbing zone around the toe is ideal for more technical climbs. There is good cushioning too that eases walking on hard surfaces to the crags. The upper is a tough mix of leather and synthetic materials plus rubber reinforcement at the toe and heel. The lacing extends all the way to the toes so that a precise fit can be obtained easily. Use this for the job it was designed for on the crags and it is superb, but equally many mountaineers will love it just for lounging around outdoors due to its ‘techy’ feel. But the Dragontail is very heavy compared to other shoes here. Also there is no waterproof lining. The stiffness and narrow profile may not match your needs if you are just going to want a shoe for lounging around or just prefer a more relaxed fit and comfort level.


Upper 1.6mm suede leather, synthetic and rubber
Sole Vibram sticky rubber
Sizes 7-12
Weight 1092g (pair, size 11)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 20

Verdict: The Garmont Dragontail is ideal for climbing instructors and mountaineers who need a tough shoe for approaching crags.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2009