Crocs Captiva 2009

Crocs are the benchmark of moulded footwear, and these days they’re commonplace at campsites and in bars. The now classic Cayman is the model most often seen, while the new Captiva shows that Crocs makes other models too. The Captiva is a simple open sandal for women. Its pillowed moulded footbed offers extra comfort without losing support, while plenty of padding underfoot adds further comfort. The strap is a simple design that makes these ideal for lounging on beaches, taking it easy at campsites and so on. Compared to your average flip-flop these are a giant step forward in terms of performance. They are exceptionally light too, making them ideal for backpacking if you just want something to wear in a B&B, hostel, hut or campsite. But the Crocs Captiva does not stay on the foot as well as other sandals with more elaborate straps. Also they do not protect the foot as well as many other sandals, or indeed the classic Crocs Cayman. The Captiva certainly has a place, but it’s not a good choice for wearing for long periods while crossing a mix of terrain.


Upper coated strap
Sole pillowed PU footbed
Sizes 2-10
Weight 264g (pair, size 7)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 500+

Verdict: Perfect for use in B&Bs, hotels and huts, but others offer more if you want a sandal for walking or travelling.


Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2009