Contour Trail

The first thing you notice when slipping this budget brand boot on, is the degree of padding all around the foot. The ankle has particularly good amounts, although that soon packs down and forms around your ankle. Comfort is also aided by the softness of the upper material in general. Perfectly suited to lower level walking, the sole unit is of a medium stiffness with fair amounts of lateral flex. Grip is not too bad on most surfaces, although the quite tightly spaced lugs on the sole can easily clog with mud, as happened on several occasions, making uphill going a little difficult. A longer fabric lace loop at the ankle really helps to force your feet back into the correct position, and keep them there, aiding comfort on longer walks.

Upper: Fabric
Waterproof/breathable lining: Hydroban
Sole: Cushionlight
Weight: 1,220g
Women’s version: Yes
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