Columbia Talus Ridge Mid Leather OutDry (2012)

The Columbia Talus Ridge Mid Leather OutDry comes in larger sizes than most, with a size 14 available for men and a size 10 available for women. The Talus is also reasonably lightweight and while many leather boots are a little dull in terms of style, this one has more ’shelf appeal’ than most. Once on, the broad forefoot area allows a lot of space for your toes to spread out, and the gentle rolling action is wonderfully smooth, stable, well-cushioned and comfortable. The outsole is a studded design, and as this is not quite as aggressive as some others it may wear smooth more rapidly so grip is not the absolute best. On rockier ground the stiffness in the sole is enough to resist rocks from pressing into the underside of the foot while helping support the foot, but the upper is very soft around the toe box area so there is less protection against stray boulders landing on your foot. The leather upper has lots of stitching too, so on really rough ground this may not be as durable as a one-piece leather upper. The Columbia Talus Ridge Mid Leather OutDry does not feel as precise when scrambling as some, but use this for general walking on hill or mountain paths and it’s good.

Upper materials nubuck leather
Waterproof lining OutDry
Sole unit OmniGrip
Weight 1220g (pair, size 11)
Men’s sizes 6-14
Women’s sizes 3-10


The Columbia Talus Ridge Mid Leather OutDry is a comfortable and stylish leather boot that is good for general hillwalking although it’s not the best for rockier ground.

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine December 2012