Columbia Kanapali

This sandal is slightly higher in price than some others as it has leather straps, and leather is far more expensive than synthetic materials. There is three-point adjustment with Velcro, and the straps are lined with neoprene padding. I particularly like the fact that the sides of the toes are protected by the wider strapping system. The footbed is lightly padded too, for a little extra comfort when walking on hard surfaces. The real benefit of this sandal for dry land traveller is that the sole is stiffened to take the aches out of walking over stony paths. The outsole also has a very aggressive lug pattern that is ideal for getting a grip on grass and earth. You also get an antibacterial footbed to keep these smelly good. Use this for land-based activity and it is as good as the best in many ways.  But those suede leather straps are not fast-drying, so this sandal is not ideal for wet conditions. The price is a little higher than the best sandals here, so you really have to consider if you want leather straps, which offer no real advantage. If you are not on a tight budget and just want a sandal for general use and travel neither of these points will warrant much attention.


Upper: suede leather
Sole: Vibram sole with EVA cushioning
Trail fit profile: forefoot 2; heel 2; volume 2; length 2
Sizes: 6-14 (men’s); 3-10 (women’s)
Weight: 592g (pair, size 11)
Made in Vietnam
Stores in UK: England 10; Wales 0; Scotland 5; Ireland 3

Verdict: Buy it if you want a good sandal for a variety of land use and travel and don’t require fast-drying synthetic straps or the lowest price.