Colombia Trail Meister

These sandals from Colombia are great from the off, thanks to soft mesh-lined straps and a good suede-feel footbed that holds your feet well. They have three points of adjustment, and a quick-release buckle on the instep. A fairly stiff midsole and big bumpers (front and back) make these good for loose, rough going. They grip well on rock, but the tread is deep enough to work on grass, too.

Verdict: Great sandals at a great price. They work well on rough terrain and can also  be worn casually. More substantial than some, but this does improve support.

Colours: Buffalo/flame, flax/treasure   

Sizes: 6-16 (UK), 40-50 (Euro’)              

Upper/straps: Sanded suede/mesh     

Sole: Omni-Grip rubber outsole/moulded EVA midsole                             

Weight: 750g                   

Women’s version: Yes                            

Contact: 00 800 4378 7833;