Brasher Hill walker II GTX (2014)


A leather upper with minimal stitching and a Gore-Tex lining is an impressive achievement at this price. Then add in the 1210g (pair, size 11) weight and this appears even better. Better still the toe box is very well-stiffened and the outsole has well-spaced lugs and a heel breast. More stiffness in the sole would be good, though. 4/5


Available in men’s sizes 7-12 and women’s 4-8, the Brasher Hillwalker II GTX has a good general fit that is spacious around the foot but not too ‘baggy’. There is a lot of padding on the ankle cuff, which feels a closer fit than the rest of the boot. Ideally I’d like a slight general improvement in the shape of this boot, so it fitted a little more uniformly. 4/5


The fit of the ankle cuff does not match the looser fit of the rest of the boot so it feels a little odd, being tight in some areas and loose in others – and this then inhibits the overall comfort and you end up trying to make it feel a better fit by tightening or loosening the laces. There is reasonable cushioning and stiffness underfoot however. 3/5

In use

The Brasher Hillwalker II GTX’s sole offers good grip on typical hillwalking terrain and is not too bad on rockier ground, although a bit more stiffness in the sole would be preferable. However the upper durability is great, while the toe box and heel support are good. The softness of the upper combined with the looser fit in the forefoot make this less than ideal on rockier terrain, though. 4/5


The price is exceptionally good for what you are getting in so many ways, but there are some drawbacks.  4/5


The Brasher Hillwalker II GTX is a good boot for paths, moorland and hillwalking but it may depend on whether you like its mix of fit, comfort and performance.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014