Brasher Argon 2010

The weight and the price of the Brasher Argon lift it beyond the average multi-activity shoe. But more importantly there are some good performance features here too. Firstly the upper is reasonably durable thanks to the use of suede and double lines of stitching. It is not waterproof but it is very breathable and more water-resistant than some alternatives. The toe box is very firm and protective, and the heel cup provides good support. Underfoot there is a good level of cushioning and stiff supportive from the sole, but it flexes to allow a comfortable walk too. The outsole is reasonably grippy for grass and mud. This is a shoe that would be ideal for a wide variety of activities from walking to biking as well as being great for trekking and travel to warm climates. But it is not waterproof, so it won’t keep your feet dry and once inside water cannot escape easily. Other shoes are better for climbing or running while some have an even more aggressive outsole lug pattern. The profile is a little narrow at the toe if you have wider feet.

Upper 1.6-1.8mm suede and mesh
Sole all terrain sole
Sizes 7-12 (men’s); 4-8 (women’s)
Weight 936g (pair, size 11)
Made in China
Stores in the UK 35

The Brasher Argon is a well-priced mixed-activity shoe that is ideal for warm and dry weather when biking, trekking, travelling or lounging!

Review by Graham Thompson
First published in Trail magazine May 2010