Boreal Aztec (2015)


A split leather upper with synthetic mesh protects a Boreal Dry-Line waterproof lining, but there is also a little more stiffness in this upper throughout to protect and support the foot when crossing rockier ground. A rubber rand protects the toe, while underfoot there is a Vibram sole unit with a good general-purpose set of lugs. 5/5


The Boreal Aztec is available for men in sizes 6-12 and for women in 4-8. The lacing does not extend all the way to the toe as with more climbing-orientated designs, but on the foot the fit is still closer than many others. The toe box is quite spacious too, making this a good all-round fit for general use. 5/5


The Boreal Aztec has noticeably good cushioning and stiffness to take the pain out of rough and rocky paths. The upper is also comfy and the foot is well-protected by its stiffness, while the waterproof lining maintains comfort on wetter ground. The weight of 1204g (pair, size 11) does make it feel a littler ‘clumpier’ than others though. 4/5

In use

For general hillwalking this offers great performance. It doesn’t excel in mud, as the lugs aren’t overly studded, and it doesn’t excel on rock as the stiffness and toe profile aren’t perfect for that type of terrain, but it’s a great general-purpose shoe for walking on valley, moor and mountain tracks. 5/5


A frequent winner of Trail’s ‘Best Value’ award, the Boreal Aztec remains a clear favourite at its price for general hillwalking. 5/5


The Boreal Aztec is a very well-priced, practical, general-purpose shoe that is slightly heavy but is otherwise ideal for hillwalking. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.8/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine May 2015