Berghaus Explorer Ridge

This is more of a two-season boot and as a result is a bit softer than many of the others on test. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and straight out of the box, the softer flex and ample inside padding make them incredibly comfortable. They sit quite low down and so offer a good amount of feedback from the ground. That does mean that on rockier ground they don’t protect against sharp rocks that much and do not offer great amounts of support. They also have something of an odd square-toed design to them. Grip in most conditions is fine, and on some uneven terrain, grip was actually improved by the softer sole, but your feet will tire more quickly in those conditions than they would do in stiffer boots.


Sizes: 6-12
Upper: Full-grain leather
Membrane: Gore-Tex
Sole: Asylum/PU midsole
Weight: 1,384g
Women’s version: Yes
*Review from Country Walking magazine, October 2011