Berghaus Explorer Light GTX 2011

Boasting a modern design and a Gore-Tex lining for excellent waterproofness and breathability, the Berghaus Explorer Light GTX is, at first glance, an attractive option. The outsole features a lug pattern, which, though not the deepest here, is widely spaced enough to prevent a build-up of mud between them; and an adequate heel breast will ensure you get a good level of grip on hills. The sole is very flexible, though, which some may find uncomfortable on rough terrain – and even Berghaus classes them as 2-3 season boots, which means they offer greater comfort on tracks and in valleys than on mountains and ridges. Though the toe box is reinforced with a stiffer section of suede it does not offer as much protection as other boots here and I found the boot rubbed uncomfortably on my upper foot where the lace webbing was stitched to the fabric panels. The ankle cuff is fairly high, which isn’t always preferable, though it’s well-padded so it’s not uncomfortable. The Berghaus Explorer Light GTX’s cushioning is noticeable and they’re a lighter option for those looking to cut weight.

Weight 978g (pair, size 39)
Upper materials suede and mesh
Waterproof lining Gore-Tex with Extended Comfort Technology
Sole unit Asylum/PU Midsole
Women’s sizes 36-42
Men’s sizes 39-47

A lightweight and waterproof boot with a very bendy sole that makes it much better suited to grassy slopes and valleys than to high, rocky mountain terrain.

Review by Phoebe Smith
First published in Trail magazine December 2011