Berghaus Expeditor AQ Suede (2014)


The big feature here is the weight of just 1234g (pair, size 11). This has been achieved by using a mesh upper that covers a Berghaus AQ waterproof lining. It is quite a bendy boot too so there is less stiffening material to weigh it down. The studs on the outsole are widely spaced to prevent clogging, and there is a small heel breast. 3/5


The Berghaus Expeditor AQ Suede is available in sizes 6-11 for men and 4-8 for women. It has a more precise fit than the lower-priced boots we looked at. This is in part due to the soft upper but also due to the shape. The ankle cuff is slightly lower than the other boots, which also helps the fit. The overall effect is that this boot feels more precise when placing it, which is useful. 4/5


At 1234g (pair, size 11) the Berghaus Expeditor AQ Suede is a very light boot, and it is also quite soft and flexible in both the upper and sole, all of which makes it feel comfortable. However as it is soft and flexible, comfort reduces if the shoe is distorted on rockier ground as then all the strain goes onto your foot. So you get great comfort on easy ground, but less on rock. 4/5

In use

This boot is great on moorland, grass or level paths, but take it on rockier paths and the performance drops. The outsole has reasonable lugs, but they are not the deepest available so grip on soft ground is not ideal. On rockier terrain the flex in the sole and the durability of the upper are challenged. 3/5


You are getting a lighter boot with a more precise fit, but more suitable hill boots are available for even less cash. 4/5


If weight is a priority or you tackle easier terrain the Berghaus Expeditor AQ Suede is ideal but some are better for more varied terrain.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014