Asolo Triumph GV (2015)


The Asolo Triumph GV’s suede leather upper is 1.6-1.8mm thick with very little stitching to break down, while a Gore-Tex lining ensures it is waterproof. What is most noticeable though is the very stiff toe box and heel cup, which combine well with the stiff sole unit. You get a heel breast on the sole and some good deep lugs, although the lugs are slightly shallow. 4/5


For women this boot is available in sizes 3½-9½ and for men it comes in 6-13½. The fit is neat and precise, which may suit those with narrow feet better than those with wider feet. The lacing creates a firm fit around the top of the foot, and generally this felt fine. The ankle cuff is of average height. 5/5


The Asolo Triumph GV lacks the softness and comfort from the box that others can provide. But on rougher ground the stiffness of the upper and sole makes it comfier as the foot does not twist so much and jagged rocks don’t impact on the foot so easily. But you can get comfortable boots with this stiffness if you pay much more money; and other boots here are more comfortable. 3/5

In use

On level ground the stiffness is a drawback, but get the Asolo Triumph GV onto the fells on a mix of ground and it outperforms many lighter options thanks to the stiff upper, protective toe box, stiff heel cup and stiff sole. It feels nice and precise for scrambling too, and again the stiffness helps. The outsole lug patterns are slightly shallower than others, so they don’t provide the same level as grip as some, particularly if wear is factored in. 4/5


Slightly pricier than some lightweight leather boots but less than top-end 3-season boots. 4/5


The Asolo Triumph GV is a good boot in terms of weight and performance on rougher ground, but comfort is not ideal on easier terrain. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine August 2015