Asolo Atlantis GTX (2012)

When you see a boot that looks like the Asolo Atlantis GTX you immediately think ‘modern and sporty‘ – but what you might not expect is that it is a great performer on everyday hillwalks as well as on rock. The outsole provides a set of suitably aggressive and well-spaced lugs that are deep enough to remain durable for some time as well as giving maximum grip. A pronounced heel breast helps on descents, while a flat zone at the toe gives a secure platform for edging on rocky ridges. In terms of stiffness the sole has a good balance between flex and rigidity, coping well on scree slopes or muddy ground. There’s fantastic support at the heel to grip your foot, while the toe box is stiffened and covered with a rubber rand to help protect against loose rocks. Weightwise this sits in the middle at 1122g (pair) – 100g heavier than the lightest boots in our test – but then for the extra protection you get it’s worth it. A Gore-Tex lining keeps your feet dry and inside there is a reasonable amount of cushioning – comfy on long walks and effective when feeling for rock on scrambles. The profile is nice and neat, which makes it come into its own on rockier mountain terrain. The fit is on the narrow side – perfect for me; but those with wide feet should consider this point.

Weight 1122g (pair, size 6)
Upper materials water-resistant suede and hi-tenacity nylon
Waterproof lining Gore-Tex Performance Comfort
Sole unit Asolo Matrix
Women’s sizes 3.5-9.5
Men’s sizes 6-13.5



The Asolo Atlantis GTX is a well-designed boot that offers the support and protection you need for a hillwalk or scramble. It won both Trail’s ‘Best Value’ and ‘Best in Test’ accolades.


Review by Phoebe Smith

First published in Trail magazine August 2012