Anatom V2 Vorlich/V2 Lomond (2015)


The Anatom V2 Vorlich/V2 Lomond is a heavier boot than many low-priced options but it is nicely stiffened in the sole and upper, which lighter boots lack. You also get a relatively robust upper of synthetic and suede, although a single-piece leather one would be even more durable. A Tri-aria waterproof lining is inside while the outsole has great lugs and a good heel breast. 4/5


The size range is 41-47 for the men’s V2 Vorlich and 36-42 for the women’s V2 Lomond. The fit is a good general option, being neither overly narrow nor overly wide. The ankle cuff is slightly higher than some low-priced boots, so you get more support. It is perhaps not quite as precise as higher-priced boots though. 4/5


Basic comfort on the foot is reasonable, but as with most lower-priced boots if you pay more you get a little more softness around the ankle cuff. I also noticed the higher-priced boots have a smoother flex in the sole, so they provide a smoother and more comfortable rolling action. But the Anatom V2 Vorlich/V2 Lomond is still good for the price. 3/5

In use

The Anatom V2 Vorlich/V2 Lomond is a very hill-orientated design with good stiffness in the sole and upper to make walking over rocky ground reasonably comfortable and stable. You also get good grip, thanks to the deep lugs and heel breast on the sole. It is not quite so precise when scrambling and not quite as smooth a rolling action when walking, though, while a one-piece leather design would be more durable. 4/5


The price is very good for what you are getting as this is a proper hill boot rather than just a low-priced valley boot. 5/5


The Anatom V2 Vorlich/V2 Lomond is a great boot for hillwalkers who cannot spend more than £100, but if you pay more there are benefits. It wins Trail’s ‘approved’ accolade. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015