Anatom Q2 Hiking (2015)


The Anatom Q2 Hiking’s upper is thicker and more durable than most boots, thanks to the use of 2.4mm full-grain leather. There is also good stiffness in the upper, and a waterproof breathable Tri-aria lining. The ankle cuff height is very slightly lower than the best boots. Underfoot is a Vibram sole unit with good lugs, but it is quite bendy from toe to heel. 4/5


For men the sizes are 41-47 but there is no women’s version of this boot. Anatom’s £120 Q2 Ultra Hiking in sizes 36-42 is the nearest equivalent but it has many different features. The Q2 Hiking’s fit is not as neat and precise and foot-hugging as higher-priced boots, but it does have good toe wiggle room. 4/5


The ankle cuff is lower in the Anatom Q2 Hiking than higher-priced models; it is also stiffer and less comfortable in this area, I found. There is quite a soft forward flex in the sole, which is not quite as comfortable as the more graduated flex in higher-priced boots. So overall it lacks some of the finesse of higher-priced models. 3/5

In use

On the hill the Anatom Q2 Hiking provides a good grip thanks to the deep lugs of the Vibram sole, which includes a heel breast for downhill braking. The toe-to-heel flex is a slight drawback on rockier ground but there is good lateral stiffness and the upper is great for rockier ground. The fit is not so precise, however, so when scrambling it feels a bit cumbersome. 4/5


Very good value. Not as good as higher-priced boots but better than many at this price. 5/5


The Anatom Q2 Hiking is a great choice for general hillwalking on a budget, but it has small drawbacks compared to the better higher-priced boots. 4.0/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015