Anatom Q2 Hiking (2014)


The 2.5mm leather upper with minimal stitching provides durability, and there is a Tri-aria waterproof lining to keep feet dry. The upper has good stiffness at the toe box and heel cup to make this suitable for rockier terrain. The outsole has a good pattern of deep, widely spaced lugs for mud. The sole flex is very soft though. 4/5


The Anatom Q2 Hiking is available in ‘unisex’ sizes 36-48. On the foot the fit is averagely wide and roomy with no pressure points, leading to a good general fit that you can easily tension with the laces to fine-tune. The ankle cuff is very slightly higher than that of the Brasher Hillwalker II, but the overall fit is more uniform here than the Brasher. 5/5


This is a heavy boot at 1598g (pair, size 46) so it feels a little ‘clumpier’ than others, but it is also more supportive and protective of the foot generally as there is good stiffness in the upper. The sole has good lateral stiffness but toe-to-heel stiffness is relatively soft, so comfort drops away a little on really rocky ground. 4/5

In use

There is a very good level of grip from the sole, as the lugs are well-spaced and you get a heel breast. But the toe-to-heel flex is soft, which leads to the Anatom Q2 Hiking being a less secure boot on rockier ground. Also the weight and slightly less precise fit than some boots’ makes it feel a little clumsy on scrambles compared to the best boots around. 4/5


For the price this is very good performance and it is really about what you are prepared to compromise with boots in this price range.  4/5


The leather upper makes the Anatom Q2 Hiking very durable and great for rockier ground, but the soft toe-to-heel sole flex is not ideal.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014