Anatom G2 Hiking (2014)


The Anatom G2 Hiking is outstanding for the price as you get a leather upper with minimal stitching, and some reasonable stiffness, particularly at the toe and heel. There is a Tri-aria waterproof lining too. The outsole has deep, well-spaced lugs with a heel breast and acceptable sole stiffness for more challenging hill terrain. 4/5


The sizes available are 42-47 for men and 37-42 for women with the fit being slightly more precise than other boots at this price, so there is more of a feeling of this boot hugging your foot than with others. There’s good space at the toes as well and generally a good overall fit, although higher-priced boots are even more precise. 4/5


At 1432g (pair, size 46) the Anatom G2 Hiking is not the lightest option, but it feels comfortable enough with no real pressure points or bunching of material when walking. The sole stiffness is not as smooth as higher-priced options but it feels fine when walking on easier terrain and remains reasonably comfortable on rocky ground too. 4/5

In use

Used on level paths, moorland and short sections of rocky terrain, the Anatom G2 Hiking performs well. But the sole flex and upper support become less comfortable once the ground becomes rockier and when tackling longer days on the hills. There’s great sole grip for softer ground, but for more challenging terrain a higher price brings even better performance. 4/5


This is a remarkable achievement at this price, making it ideal for hillwalkers if this is your maximum budget. 5/5


At this price you shouldn’t expect the best but in the Anatom G2 Hiking you are getting a great boot for hillwalking. It won a ‘Trail approved’ accolade.


Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine December 2014