Alt-Berg Mallerstang (2015)


The 2.8mm one-piece leather upper has almost no stitching so it is durable and very water-resistant, but you also get a Sympatex waterproof lining for even more protection. There’s no rand, but for most walkers this won’t be a problem. The ankle cuff is as high as the highest here, while the lugs are very deep and widely spaced with a huge heel breast. 5/5


There is no specific women’s version, but as the Alt-Berg Mallerstang comes in five width fittings and sizes 5 to 12½ it is likely to fit both men and women more easily than some others. The Mallerstang had a good general fit on my foot but others feel a little more precise than this, though of course different width fittings will improve that fit. 5/5


The ankle cuff is higher than some and slightly more restrictive in the forward flex position, so whether you like the Alt-Berg Mallerstang or not will depend on how much forward support you want. For walking it is not quite so good, but it is great for climbing. The foot sits higher above the ground than others so it feels a little less stable. 4/5

In use

That deep lug pattern and heel breast make the Alt-Berg Mallerstang ideal for use on snow in terms of grip. It does not feel quite as precise as others when walking or scrambling, though, so it feels slightly more ‘clumpy’ than is ideal. The flex at the toe is quite soft, allowing a natural walking action – although a little more stiffness would be good on snow. 4/5


This boot is very well-priced and it is hard to justify paying more for the small benefits you might gain. 5/5


The Alt-Berg Mallerstang is a great choice for winter hillwalking in the British mountains. It would be hard to justify paying more. 4.6/5

Review by Graham Thompson

First published in Trail magazine December 2015