Alt-Berg Malham (2014)

Based in Yorkshire, Alt-Berg is the master of refining the traditional leather boot into something that meets the needs of the 21st century regular hillwalker. To that end the Malham weighs in at just 1478g (pair, size 11), which is remarkable when you consider that this is a leather boot offering great performance. So you get a leather upper with minimal stitching, which should mean this boot will last for many years to come. There is a rubber rand to add extra protection too. The toe box and heel cup both provide good support, and the upper is stiff enough to allow decent comfort even on rough terrain. The ankle cuff is exceptionally soft so it’s great at keeping debris out and protecting the ankle without being too restrictive. Underfoot there’s a very aggressive outsole with deep and well-spaced lugs, and this is combined with good stiffness for general walking on a wide variety of terrain. On the foot the Malham feels very comfortable, which is no doubt due to the A-forme last that Alt-Berg has recently developed. There are other Alt-Berg boots that have higher ankle cuffs, offer even more durability and are better for rockier ground. But for general hill and moorland walking as well as mountain walks where minimal weight is a priority the Malham will prove a superb all-round boot for many.


Upper materials full-grain leather

Waterproof lining Sympatex

Sole unit Vibram New Tsavo Micro

Men’s sizes 7.5-14

Women’s sizes 3-9

Weight 1478g (pair, size 11)



Traditional in style but modern in performance, the Alt-Berg Malham is a superb general valley, moor and hillwalking boot at a remarkable weight for leather.

Review by Graham Thompson

Published in Trail magazine May 2014