PRICE: £110


Used by Tom Bailey, Trail and Country Walking Magazine photographer
Used for 11 months

Full disclosure: I’ve never worn these on the hill. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t abused them. They’ve been my everyday wear for almost a year, so they’ve seen plenty of mud and grass during photo shoots, for which they’re well-equipped with a decent KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane. In a nutshell they’re extremely comfy, but not particularly durable. Where my heel meets the fabric it’s worn pretty badly and the outsole grip is going – which I’m a little disappointed by. The lining has also developed an unpleasant smell… but that’s to do with me, not the shoe. Despite all this, I still think they’re a good choice of footwear and I’d happily recommend them. This is in a big way thanks to the level of comfort they provide – which is among the best I’ve ever felt. There’s a reason I’ve worn them out in less than a year...

Verdict They’re all right. Which is high praise from me.